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Tom Green became a pioneer of testicular cancer awareness during his 2001 bout with the disease.

Photo: tomgreen.com
Tom Green Still Spreads Message of Testicular Cancer Self-exam

In 2010, when DJ started experiencing testicular symptoms, he did what most men do – sat down at his computer and started to Google. However, he didn't Google "testicular cancer," "testicle pain," or "Lance Armstrong." He Googled "Tom Green."

"I remembered seeing Tom Green's cancer special on MTV," said DJ. "He sang a song about feeling your balls for cancer." After tracking down the story on Tom Green, DJ realized he may have similar symptoms, and began researching other sources on the subject. He made an appointment with his doctor, who immediately suspected testicular cancer. Within hours, the diagnosis was confirmed, and within days he was in surgery.

DJ was one of thousands of men who saw The Tom Green Cancer Special in 2001. The special, which chronicled Green's testicular cancer treatment, was groundbreaking for the time (and foreshadowed the format of celebrity reality shows, that now seems like commonplace). Featuring graphic footage of Green's lymph node removal surgery, the special showed young men the seriousness of the disease and the seriousness of the treatment required to cure it. And Green's "Feel Your Balls" song still serves as the benchmark for memorable testicular cancer awareness advertising.

Ten years after his historic television special, Tom Green still spreads the message of early detection and is still willing to use his status and fame to help others do the same. In fact Green recently retweeted several messages from ManExam™ Coalition for Testicular Cancer Awareness, an organization dedicated to educating men about the self-exam.