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Here are 7 ways you can join the ManExam Movement:

1) Do the Exam

Our mission is to get men to do the monthly self-exam. The first, and most important way you can help the cause is to learn the exam and do it regularly every month.

2) Tell Two Friends

When “testicular” health situations arise, men may speak to their friends, even before they speak to their doctor. Now that you know about the self-exam and the symptoms of testicular cancer, it is crucial that you share that information. Perhaps it’s your two best friends. Perhaps it’s your sons. Regardless, the power of word of mouth carries more weight than all the advertising in the world.



3) Spread the Word On-line

Join our Facebook and YouTube page, follow us on Twitter – and suggest every man you know do the same. We send a message every month, reminding men to do the exam.



4) Volunteer Your Time

Work a ManExam™ event, or better yet, organize your own. The simple gesture of handing someone a pamphlet could end up saving their life.



5) Run ManExam™ Advertising in Your Area

Visit our work page to see what’s available, and we can help provide the materials for you to place.



6) Speak to a Group of Men

Whether it’s a group of scouts, a college fraternity, or any other male organization; you can help educate them about the symptoms or testicular cancer, and the self-exam. It’s amazing what five minutes can do. (Literature is being developed for this purpose.)



7) Make a Donation

NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL. At ManExam™ we are committed to getting the most we can out of every dollar we collect. Donate Now.